Wanna get a creepy feeling like you are stuck in a time warp? Berlin is a bit trippy! It’s a place where you can stand in the footsteps of recent history; See the scars of war pot-marked in the marble. If only the buildings could talk! But, as the Siege of Berlin was’t a terribly long time ago, and the Berlin Wall torn down just 30 years past, it is scary to think that this is all still within a lifetime.

01661ea43755f4a736e8265f2053cc1d76208f1481Sean and I started our time in Berlin with  a Segway tour. We had never been on one before, only seen tourists whiz by.

This was an amazing way to see the sights of Berlin! I highly recommend it!

Tye tour took us from Alexanderplatz to the Brandenburg Gate via the university (burning of the books), concert halls, Checkpoint Charlie, SS Headquaters, Hitler’s Bunker and The Reichstag.

We enjoyed it so much that we did another segway tour on one of our next holidays!


There is such an eclectic mix of history in Berlin. You can see the Berlin Dom with kings and queens in the crypts. Museum Island, housing the great discoveries of the 1800’s, including Nefertiti’s Bust. The various buildings of the Third Reich, including ‘Hitler’s Playground’ and the SS Headquaters. East Berlin and the Berlin Wall including Checkpoint Charlie. Our tour guide told us some amazing stories of dates gone wrong ending up being stuck in East Germany for 3 years!

934870_10153230216695130_7002682685944482756_nBerlin afforded me some really great photographic opportunities. There is a certain light that captures the buildings particularly well. There are textures and colours that allow interesting subject matter, as well as thought provocation.

This picture I took of my husband, Sean, was a large crack in the Berlin Wall near the SS Headquarters. If you knew my husband he hates having his photo taken, and cannot abide posing and positioning. A photo, according to Sean, is where you point and shoot. Yes, true..but… his photos are mostly average (don’t tell him I said that!).

01362837563d4f72a9eec9d90552af81089ebcb3a8So, if it’s history, art, museums, culture, food or shopping all can be easily satisfied in Berlin.

This city really has an educational charm to it, as well as a youthful presents in it’s now recovering status.