I work with a bunch of really lovely guys, and it is such a pleasure! A couple of them are from Marrakesh. Combine with playing dress-ups with my dad’s genuine caftan circa 1979 from Tangiers and meeting such lovely Moroccan expats I decided that we were going to this mystical far off land!

I had not idea what to expect. I am a washed footpaths, street cleaner and pedestrian crossing kinda gal. But when i got onto the Easyjet website and found that actually, it’s really cheap to fly outside of Europe (this is the Australian in me where it costs a fortune to fly inside of Oz, let alone out) we were booked.

I trawled all the booking sites and finally found our accommodation and on the recommendation of my Moroccan friends we were staying in the Medina of Marrakesh.

Riad Al Mamoune


Riad Al Mamoune is set in the winding alleyways of the old town. They had organised a private driver to pick us up from the airport and drive us into Jamaa el Fna. Our friendly host them met us, and we suddenly understood why!

The crowded and noisy markets was full of dancing, singing, snake wielding, henna painting happy people. There was beating drums and kids with fluro toys hurling them into the air. The atmosphere was truly amazing! You just have to be there to understand!

Jardin Majorelle – Yves Saint Laurent


Our first day in Marrakesh was a self guided walk to the Jardin Majorelle. Originally part of Yves Saint Laurent’s garden, it is like walking though the orient. There are bamboo forests, lilly pad pools and that beautiful blue colour that you can never replicate!

The Berber Museum is situated inside the gardens and has a great display of costume and stories of the Berber culture.

TIMG_2244hroughout our stay in Marrakesh we were mesmerized with the walls surrounding the old city. There were holes where wooden structures once were; Doors into hidden alleyways; Cranes roosting on the tops of the walls.

El Badi Palace was an amazing open space were the Moorish kings grew oranges and developed the building skills that we can now see in places such as the Alhambra.

Jamaa el Fna Souks

A trip to Marrakesh is never complete without a tour of the souks. There is everything from spices to replica bags. I seized the opportunity to visit the local Argan Oil factory. I was generously shown the education room, as well sampling all the different products they make using the argan seeds. I walked away with 3 bottles of jasmine scented oil, and I am still only half way through the first! A life times supply of Argan Oil!

I also participated in the handbag trade. It is a given. I am a girl. I like bags….and shoes…and jewellery….and more bags. I got lots of nice things.