Krakow to Prague by Sleeper Train


Krakow to Prague by Sleeper Train

One of the great train journeys in Europe is the over-night train. A hotel on tracks taking you from city to city while you sleep. Coming from Australia we really don’t have the opportunity to travel effectively and long distances on trains due to the vast distances and cost. But it is an epic experience in a continent where it really is an arterial route around the countries! We booked our journey through Czech Rail.

Arriving at Krakow Główny was easy, located just northeast of the old town of Krakow. The station is new and clean. We came up onto our platform early to look at the different trains passing through. There is always that slightly fluttering feeling when you don’t have any clue as to the language that is being spoken and on the signs, so when the train halted on the platform with ‘Budapest/Vienna’ in the window, we did look at each other with slightly worryingly. But… as we walked further up the platform we found that the train was section as per its final location. ‘Prague’ was on our carriage, so we climbed aboard and found our cabin.

The sleeper cabins are reasonably sized. The beds are thin but long enough. There is a sink and tray table and wardrobe; enough basics to get us through the night. Toilets were down the corridor and were as clean as can be expected!

I have had previous experience with a sleeper train from Madrid to Paris; the clackety clack all night made sleeping impossible! However, there was little of that on this train.

I think we paid around €100 for a double sleeper cabin, and we weren’t expecting the pleasant surprise of a croissant and coffee in the morning as our train glided into Prague at 0730.