Brasov | Romania


Brasov is the capital of Transylvania, in the foothills of the Southern Carpathians. It is home to a beautiful Saxon Market town and of course Bran Castle inspiring the story of Dracular (more on that next time).


Brasov was situated between two empires- the AustroHungarian and the Ottoman. The latter was always invading into the neighbouring Hungarian countryside so German Saxons were resutuated to create a buffer zone against the volatile Ottomans. The Saxons quickly built this charming town into a busy city- it was the mid point of the Constantinople/Vienna road. Taxes and duty made Brasov quickly rich.


Brasov is home to mainly Romanian people. Only since 1850’s were Romanians even allowed in the town! And after most of the Germans were sold by the communists back to Germany doing the regime, the town has grown into the sixth largest Romanian City. It is full of bars and restaurants, old buildings and a variety of different denominational churches to visit. It is worth while taking a walking tour to get an idea of the history of the place since it starts somewhere in the region of 1250!