The Paris of the East


There are two cities that Bucharest is based upon- one is easy to guess and see- Paris, the other… Pyongyang. The communist leader at the time decided to rebuild the city after an earthquake in 1977 and after a visit to Noth Korea found inspiration for his now Bucharest.

The Parliament Palace

Built in the 1980′ it was supposed to be the icing on Ceaușescu’s cake- it is the second biggest building in the world! It is a must see to grapple with the building feats of humans! All the materials were from Romania. Ceaușescu was executed after the uprising against the communist regime and left this giant unfinished building ‘for the people’. It was hated by the people but was unfortunately going to cost more to demolish than finish.

 New Bucharest

When all of Romania was unified under the treaty of Trianon, the new king of Romania got busy building Bucharest in the image of Paris. The best architects were Parisian, so they got the job. There is the Arche du Triumf and a Champs Elysee that is 1 metre longer than its counterpart in Paris! Bucharest is Huge- so try and get a city tour with a bus.


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