Lake Ohrid

Lake Ohrid | Macedonia

Lake Ohrid is a very special lake- it is a tectonic lake, one of only around 6 in the world! (Baikal, Titicaca to name a few)

Lake Ohrid is half in Macedonia and half in Albania. It is surrounded by monstrous mountains of over 2500m. It is one of the cleanest lakes we have seen, with underwater springs feeding from the surrounding mountains and even from the Gulf of Mexico…… No! I have not got my geography wrong! Look it up! It is crystal clear for up to 21m deep. There are unique fish swimming and have been known to use the underground springs to travel.

Travel Tips for Lake Ohrid

The summer season at Lake Ohrid consists of local Macedonian weekenders and ¬†charter flights mainly from Russia, Holland and occasionally England. The airport is not far out of Ohrid itself. There are hotels that I would rate from 1 to 3 stars, but are quite basic. There are lots of Air B&B’s and they are very well situated if you chose one on the water front. The only challenge would be luggage as the old streets are very small and some areas by the water have only foot access. I have seen Wizz Air flying from London to Ohrid, but it is very seasonal. Coach transfers are available from Skopje, but there are some ‘interesting’ locals I saw on the bus. We travelled as an organised tour of the Balkans.