3 Countries in 1 Day

Breakfast in Albania | Lunch in Montenegro | Dinner in Croatia

Its not often that you can dine your way through three countries in one day! But somehow, after an epic day of travelling we managed it!

Tirana | Albania

We stayed in Central Tirana and experienced the delights of this city! Our travelling included some of the randomest events so far on or Balkans adventure. People stand on roads in the middle of nowhere; we had a flash flood that resulted in us seeing a car swept away and flipped over; the main road/highway was covered in animals; the centre of Tirana is a maze of Mercedes (‘obtained’ we were told from most major cities in Europe). We breakfasted in our hotel, which was a lovely continental breakfast.

Kotor | Montenegro

It was a windy country ‘highway’ that took us to the busy port of Kotor. There were 2 cruise ships in on this day making the old walled city very busy. The city has amazing fortifications running all the way up the mountainside to the chapel at the top. The city has suffered from many seizmic events over the centuries, but the old cathedral still stands despite major repairs. We snaked on sandwiches containing the local dry smoked ham.

Dubrovnik| Croatia

Dubrovnik really is the pearl of the Adriatic Sea. I know it’s a cliche- but is has such character and striking features as it lies out on the point with the walls and battlement. Dubrovnik is so busy these days. There were cruise ships docked in the harbour as we set sail for our dinner cruise. We dined on anchovies and Snapper, sipping Croatian wine as we marvelled at the sunset and tried hard hot to throw our phones overboard. Yes- I did have a moment. I sacrificed my wine for my phone. It was a hard decision. But then I poured some more. All is not lost.