Mostar | Bosnia Herzegovina 

Mostar | Bosnia Herzegovina


Mostar is in the region of Herzegovina. It is a beautiful old Ottoman town with a bazaar, harram and many mosques. Today it is a tourist hot spot and when I say hot- in the summer time it is roasting!

The most famous icon of Mostar is the beautiful bridge. It is a tradition of the young men to jump from the middle of the bridge as a right of passage into adulthood, they were then able to attract the most beautiful girls in the city to marry. Now days they just do it for the cash! I think they wised up?! It is quite dangerous. The water is freezing from the mountains and not very deep.

Mostar was heavily influenced by the passing trade of the Ottoman Empire exporting their goods to the Venitians in the 15th century. The name Mostar comes from the Turkish ‘bridge keepers’. Later, the Austro-Hungarian Empire rules the city, building larger more western buildings like you can see the facade of above. Most of these buildings were destroyed during the Balkans was between 1992-5. The bridge was hit by both sides but was finally destroyed by the Croatian offensive. It was rebuilt in the same style of white limestone with a very polished surface.

Travel Tips for Mostar

You can day-trip from Dubrovnik. There are many companies that do this- you need your passport and any relevant visas. The boarder crossing is very busy in the summer so be prepared to wait a little.

It gets very hot in the summer and there is not a lot of shade. Sometimes over 40°C. Wear sensible clothes, drink water and footwear should be very considered as the streets are very rounded lumpy stones and the bridge is super slippy!

Try the Cevapi. These are fingers of beef in pitta with onion and paprika sauce. They are cheap and really lovely. I can recommend the restaurant below, it is similar to all the average restaurants in Mostar and very cheap! The local beer Mostarski isn’t bad either.