Peljesac Peninsula 

Peljesac Peninsula

Land of Oysters and Wine


We took a scenic coast ride along the beautiful Croatian coastline, north of Dubrovnik . The bay of Mali Ston is home for oyster farming in the Adriatic Sea. Ston is also famous for its fortified city walls protecting the 13th century Republic of Ragusa from the Venetians. Why did they need protection?- Ston has ancient salt pans, using the simple method of evaporation to creat a currency once equivalent to its weight in gold.

We continued through the steep slopes with ambling vineyards for some wine and grappa talking. We visited Vina Vukas and started with the grappas- I loved the pomegranate, almond and herb grappa. They were all flavoured with fruits from his frond garden!

We then went on to taste his wine. The white wine was very crisp and dry, with lightening acidity (I sound like I know what I am talking about ;)! ) And the premium red was also very rich and fruity.

We went back to Ston along ‘Napoleon’s Road’ for our oyster lunch at Vila Koruna. We feasted on fresh and battered oysters, muscles, whitebait, ink risotto and seafood spaghetti- all washed down with some Peljesac wine. Delicious!