Iceland and the Northern Lights

Viking Memorial


Iceland is one of our favourite destinations so far. Here is our Iceland story:

After nearly a year of living in London we felt like we were failing at our new adventure. My husband, Sean, took longer than expected to get work. I was busy getting used to a new hospital and trying to cover all the costs of payed out during the move. We had only made it for a weekend to Brussels, which doesn’t deserve a mention.

Sean came home one evening from work and mentioned a deal that he saw at the tube station. Iceland Air were offering awesome deals to see the northern lights. I was sold!!!


As we came into land in Iceland we were mesmerised by the Aurora Borialis as it danced over the wings of the aeroplane.

It was a barmy -7 degrees C as we came out of the airport to catch the bus to Reykjavik.

The following day we exited our hotel at 10am, only to find the sun just rising over the mountains surrounding the city. It was -4 degrees. I was wearing my stockings under my thermals under my trousers. And two pairs of gloves.

Northern Lights

That evening we were booked onto the bus to see the northern lights. They came out at about 11pm, with the temperature already at -11 degrees.

As you can see it is quite difficult to take pictures of the lights. You really do need to be one of those annoying all to serious photographers with all the kit. Tripod is essential as you need a wide aperture, long exposure and gloves.

The lights were beautiful. I also got some awesome photos of the moon on the icescapes.


The architecture in Iceland is also something that fascinated me. This church is an example of the crazy things they do there!

You can see from just driving around that they are hot on renewable energy and passive houses.

There is an eclectic mix of the older traditional wooden framed houses and the ultra modern black and glass sculptures.

Iceland Tours

On the Second full day of our time in Iceland we went on the Golden Circle Tour. The tour organisation is awesome, some of the best. They pick you up from your hotel and take you to a central bus station, where you can pay for the tour and hop on the respective bus.

The Golden Circle consisted of the ├×ingvellir National Park (massive geological area where you can witness the American and European tectonic plates, also where the viking councils met), Gullfoss (the golden waterfall, pictured below), and the world famous Geyser (where all the others get their name).

Iceland is definitely a place to see when in Europe. It is expensive, but really not that far away. A plane journey from London is only 2.5 hours. And the package deals are worth it.

Also check out the Blue Lagoon. It is a day trip kinda place, which gives you a good opportunity to swim and get a mud treatment.

Icelandic Ponies