Prague’s buildings talk. I swear they do! The buildings told us about hundreds of years of comings and goings in this amazing city. There is a real sense of history, some not so very long ago.

The old town square is packed full of busy cafes and restaurants, food stalls and beer. When we were visiting in May, they even had some folk dancing on a large stage in the centre.

Prague is not small. It is a hiking distance from the town square to the cathedral and palace on the too of the hill, but it is work it! The views across the city are spectacular, full of terracotta tiles, and spires of churches.

Not to be missed is the King Charles Bridge. Lined with artists and souvenirs, it is worth ambling slowly over with an ice cream, taking in the view of the palace hill.

Thing to see in Prague

The Astrological Clock: Its free to see, and on the hour people crowd around to see its moving pieces. If your not into guided tours, but want a little information then make sure you are standing near on of the walking groups on the hour and hear the guide explain the magic of the clock.

Buildings: Prague is often used in filming, not just because of the economic advantages, but also it portrays what Paris would have looked like before Haussmann’s renovations of Paris. There is still a Renaissance or Romantic charm to the buildings, iconically painted in the northern European fashion, with baroque patterning on the windows.

Communist Museum: If your into that kind of history, however it is a very important part of what Prague is today. Prague was a leader in the fall of the USSR and the museum opened our eyes to life behind the iron curtain, especially when it came to shop produce and food.

Food and Beer: Yes, maybe this should have been first! But after a busy day seeing the sights you can come back and find some lovely Pod to drink it! I have some recommendations:

U Fleků – Bar, Restaurant and Show. Book, because it gets very busy. Its a little way south but you can easily spend the whole evening here!

U Týna – On the square with very reasonably priced food (although basic) and beer! We chose the traditional Czech pork knuckle and it was huge! we also tried the beer selection!

Trdelník – The traditional street food of sugared bread. Try it and you will never eat a doughnut again!