Baltic Sea Cruising

Baltic Sea Cruising – A Complete Itinerary


‘a nautical affair with Baltic cities…’

Two Travel Europe set sail from London to the Baltic ports of:

Copenhagen, Warnemünde, Tallinn, St Petersburg, Helsinki and Helsingborg.

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Two Travel Europe took a journey around the Baltic Sea on board the Magellan, a new member of the Cruise and Maritime fleet from Tilbury, London.

Having sailed with Cruise and Maritime before we knew what we were getting ourselves into – a geriatric cruise, with tea drinkers and bingo – but actually this cruise was mostly a younger crowd, and we were often in the company of travellers our own age.

This cruise was a 12 night cruise from London. We had day trips to most of the ports, apart from St Petersburg – where we stayed for 2 days.

If you are part of a cruise, and travel with the tours offered by the cruise ship, you do not need a visa to spend 72 hours in the port of St Petersburg. This makes the Baltic cruise an ideal way of seeing the most amazing palaces of Catherine and Peter the Great, as well as St Petersburg and the Hermitage Museum.