Who Are We?


Who Are We?

Rosey and Sean met at the University of Tasmania’s Kerslake Accommodation Hall. They were both in first year undergraduate courses. They bonded over England and tropical punch!

Sean was born in London and moved to Adelaide, South Australia, with his family at aged 9. He as been back and forth between London and Australia ever since.

Rosey was born in country Tasmania. She grew up with romantic ideas of England through her love of Jane Austin.

Rosey and Sean lived in Adelaide for 5 years, in which time they travelled to France, Italy, New York and Malaysia together.


They celebrated their wedding in 2011, and soon after began their move across the world to London.

Rosey is an Anaesthetic Theatre Practitioner at a busy London private hospital. She loves looking after people before, during and after their operations. Her reward for long hours, shift work, short weekends and on-call is HOLIDAYS! Rosey loves to plan, research, organise the holidays!

Luckily, Sean is a Primary School Teacher; he works in a large Public Primary School in North London. This means SCHOOL HOLIDAYS!!!! When he is not at school or on school holidays he is studying an MBA via distance, or playing darts.

Sean and Rosey love the challenge of finding new places to visit, with the added challenge of avoiding large crowds in the school holidays!


Two Travel Europe was born out of 3 years of travels so far, as well as exciting places to come! Rosey and Sean love to share their travel stories, connect with the travel writing community and maybe inspire some others into using London as a base to travel Europe.